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The Woolwich Institute is driven by partnership, learning together and promoting positive change. Through our work in education, we promise to make a real difference to the lives of students in the UAE and around the world.

The aim of the Woolwich Institute is to stay a competitive, significant leader in education, in order to continue to meet the higher skill needs of an increasingly global marketplace. As such, we are looking forward to collaborating with a broad spectrum of organisations in Dubai, leveraging our networks, expertise, and trust to help achieve a common goal of exceptional education for the learners.


Partnering with us offers you the opportunity to:


Create Impact

Work with us to co-develop programmes in line with your organisational priorities and values to support students, parents and your organization as a whole.

Promote Student Engagement

Partnering with TWI offers a range of opportunities for students to develop their skills and put their minds to productive activities.

Access to the World Class UK Education

TWI has rich experience in the education industry and has partners who have successfully operated in the UK for over a decade. By becoming a partner you too can access this experience and help us build robust support.

Networking Opportunities

Expand your profile and broaden your horizons through the numerous formal and informal prospects the network offers, to connect leading experts, specialists and supporters in the Education industry.

Hands on Consultant

We are available at every stage to guide you, the students and their parents. The team at TWI works round the clock to ensure a smooth running of the entire process.

ROI Focused

Our strategic associations provide a return on investment for your business. Our mission is to ensure that you have a great success story with us by fully acknowledging the value of your brand.

Relationship Driven

The Woolwich Institute values its relationships and focuses on having long term partnerships. Our team is responsible for coordinating the network of partner schools/universities/institutes and supporting students in their education and professional endeavours. This is also an extension of the teaching methods adopted by TWI.

Undivided Attention

We understand that there is absolutely no room for error when selecting a university/college as it directly impacts the future of the learner. For this reason, we ensure we are always available for students and can give them our undivided attention for their entire session.

Competitive Pricing

The Woolwich Institute is willing to offer competitive pricing to its network partners in order to give them an edge over other competitors.

Proven Track Record

With over 12 years of success at its partner institution in London, The Woolwich College, TWI guarantees an exceptional learning experience for the students, parents and partners.


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