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Find out about the different roles people do at TWI and what staff think are the benefits to working here.

Earl of Limerick Photo

Earl of Limerick

Advisory Member
Dr. Khaleed Hankir Photo

Dr. Khaleed Hankir

Advisory Member
Michael Rutland OBE Photo

Michael Rutland OBE

Advisory Member
Rajen Kandel Photo

Rajen Kandel

Executive Chairman
Dr. Sangeeta Malhotra Photo

Dr. Sangeeta Malhotra

Academic Head
Julie Joseph Photo

Julie Joseph

Faculty/Quality Nominee
Anubha Tyagi Photo

Anubha Tyagi

Manager- Admissions & Promotions
Ayesha Anwari Photo

Ayesha Anwari

Academic Coordinator/ Examinations Officer
Muhammed Fuzail Photo

Muhammed Fuzail

Computing Faculty
Mahima Aswani Photo

Mahima Aswani

Art and Design Faculty
Fathima Shazna Photo

Fathima Shazna

Marketing Executive
Lhaya Alyanna Photo

Lhaya Alyanna

Receptionist and Marketing Executive
Nishchal Puri Photo

Nishchal Puri

Sr Marketing Executive
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